She (Ma Annecris Coritico) loves her work. Cool girl in times of pressure, she has the ability to remove every single worries you have. She follows instruction and respects her clients requests. When the heaven pours patience she is in front of the line. She manages wedding preparations by putting herself as a bride, in short, she cares for you. She knows what she’s doing, you can rely on her. My wedding is very successful because of her. During my preparation, she is not only my coordinator but my friend,sister and adviser. I am happy and contented for everything. Continue rendering your good and satisfying services to your clients Cheche. Goodluck and more power to Your Weddings and Events (YOWEV). Thank you for everything,Thanks also to your fellow coordinators in YOWEV. I will be missing you cheche and (YOWEV) mwah!!!!!!!!

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